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ODMG announces Camp/Us as new sponsor

Local Chicago art space, Camp/Us has announced that they will sponsor ODMG and Audio Warrior's upcoming video series, which will be called Whiskey Point Sessions. Camp/Us will be assisting with Whiskey Point Sessions by donating equipment essential to production of the new series.

The Logan Square store has long been linked to ODMG through various events and projects. Most recently, Camp/Us played host to the first series of videos in our co-op with Audio Warrior Productions. The Camp/Us series featured artists Burly Gates, Machete Mike, and guitarist Reece Krider of Roger This. The store was also used as the primary venue for a project we've been putting together, titled "It Starts With Us."

In addition to the video series, Camp/Us has also been a venue for musicians and artists to display galleries and throw shows. Anthony Matozzi, ODMG's lead producer and founder, regularly assists Nick Villani in hosting the "Camp/Out" events which feature live music from three to four bands, live comedy from three comedians, and an art gallery from a local artist recommended by Anette Nowacki of Chicago band The Flips.

Keep an eye out for partnered content to be released in the near future!

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