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Featured Artist Friday: Dre Wil

In this week’s Friday spotlight we take a look at Chicago rapper Dre Wil. Dre has produced music with audio engineer Anthony Beck of Audio Warrior Productions, ODMG’s co-op partner for Whiskey Point Sessions. The Chicago rapper hails from the west side of the Windy City and began his rapping career during Junior High.

“From an early age, maybe like 13 or 14, I was into poetry,” said Dre. “That lead to me discovering Hip-Hop music. I was inspired by how the music rappers made got to people. It wasn’t long until I started making music of my own. Most of my material comes from the things I’ve been through, the different things I’ve seen, and various life lessons.”

Dre's music is always written to inspire emotions that comes from a genuine place for the rapper. In every song he writes, Dre strives to create music that is authentic and as perfect as he can possibly make a song. Dre will continue working on his music until he is completely satisfied with the end result.

“When I’m writing music I normally just start by listening to beats,” said Dre. “Once I have found a beat that I like, I’ll play it through a couple of times and just vibe to it. Then I’ll start freestyling to the beat to figure out what kinda flow goes best. Once I freestyle and figure out what works with it and what doesn’t work with it, I’ll write it all down and just keep adding to it.”

This coming Tuesday, Dre will have the first of two new Whiskey Point Session Videos released. The first video will be Dre freestyling to the Whiskey Point Sessions intro song and then will have a second video of his single released Friday, December 15th.

In addition to the new Whiskey Pont Sessions videos, Dre has been working on a debut mixtape with Anthony Beck. Dre’s debut mixtape is expected to be released mid-2018 and will be titled “Patience.”

Dre is a regular performer at Chicago venue Subterranean. Every Tuesday night, Dre Wil performs his music at the venue’s Open Mic Hip-Hop nights. Those events will continue all throughout December, so be sure to make it out and check out Dre’s music.

Further updates on his music can be found on Dre Wil’s social media pages. His SoundCloud profile can be found by following the embedded link at the top of the article.

“One of the big goals I’ve had as an artist has always been to sell out the United Center,” said Dre. “I just feel like there's a lot of historic moments for the city of Chicago that has happened in that building. I try and set goals for myself daily, that way I am always pushing myself to become an even better rapper."

Next week’s friday spotlight will be Chicago band Late. Other artists that will be coming up include Tim Million, ENDERS, and Welcome To Jonestown. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our most recent releases of Whiskey Point Sessions with OUTDrejas over on our YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Dre Wil in the middle of his Whiskey Point Sessions performance. photo taken by Anthony Matozzi

Dre Wil posing for a photo on the West Side of Chicago. photo provided by Dre Wil.

Dre Wil in the middle of his recent Whiskey Point Sessions performance. photo taken by Josh Pelletier.

Dre Wil prior to the filming of his Whiskey Point Sessions performance. Photo taken by Anthony Matozzi.

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