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Featured Artist Friday: Tim Million

     In this week’s Friday spotlight we take a look at Chicago rapper Tim Million. While Tim originally hails from the Windy City, he currently is living in the Bay Area of California in order to take his music career to the next level. Currently he is working with producer G-Rome and is signed to the record label MillionDollaDreams Music Group.

  Throughout the rapper’s younger years, his family moved across the country and visited a multitude of cities that includes Memphis, Michigan, Chicago, and Orlando. Throughout the constant moving around, Tim was able to look to music to provide a sense of stability to his life.

  Tim’s rap career really started to come to life in his eighth grade year when he was given the opportunity to meet one of his favorite rappers, Jay-Z. Jay-Z gave a young Tim a free notebook for the aspiring rapper to write his lyrics down and start to build on his craft.

  “As a kid, my family moved around a lot and I never had stability,” said Tim. “So I could never depend on things consistently until I started writing and listening to music. Music became the constant that I needed. As a kid I use to watch a show called "The Box" that played only music videos. I used to record the music videos on my vcr tapes when I was like five years old. Bone Thugs and Harmony video for their song "Crossroads" was my favorite back then.”

  Throughout the course of the rapper’s career, Tim has been able to achieve success and make a name for himself within the industry. Tim has been able to perform his music to open for acts such as J. Cole and Chance the Rapper. His song was also used as the official campaign song for former Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose as the player sought out his first and only MVP trophy during the 2010-2011 regular season.

   Versatility is a trait that is on display on nearly every project Tim releases. Tim combines elements of poetry, spoken word, and classic hip-hop to create a unique and entertaining sound for his listeners to dive into. Each of Tim’s songs expertly combine real substance and masterful wordplay that separates him from most other rappers in the industry.

  Tim’s music was elevated to a higher level after he began to work with his producer G-Rome nearly a decade ago. The pair originally got into contact by trading messages with each other on YouTube.

   G-Rome has created tracks for Tim that blend perfectly with his lyricism and flow. The pair has a very broad spectrum of sound that sometimes can sound very soulful and thought provoking while at other times will display that classic hip-hop sound with a new spin to that helps define their own unique style.

  “When I write, I let the beat talk to me,” said Tim. “After listening to the beat a couple of times is when I come up with concepts for my lyrics, most of the time. My life experiences influence everything that I write about. I also infuse things that I feel needs to be said so that the culture and community can evolve. When I write music, I want to make something that I can listen to over and over. I usually hate to hear my own music, so if I can listen to a song that I recorded then I know it's a good song no matter what.”

  Tim and G-Rome’s latest project, titled “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,” showcases the diverse sound spectrum that the pair prides themselves on. Tracks such as “Self Made” and “Animal Crackers” clearly showcase the pairs ability to create music that is undeniably rooted in classic hip-hop. Other tracks such as “R.N.S.” and “Dreamin’” showcase Tim’s ability to write thought provoking lyrics while also allowing G-Rome to demonstrate his ability to create soulful instrumentals.

  Tim and G-Rome recently released their latest single titled "MillionDollaDreams" which also featured Bay Area rapper Benny. The new single can found in the embedded playlist at the top of the article. The pair are currently working on an upcoming EP titled “MillionDollaDreams: Dreams2Reality." The EP is set to be released sometime in 2018, but an exact release date is yet to be announced. In the interim,

   Tim and G-Rome will be releasing a new music video for a song on the upcoming EP in the first week of the new year. Following the release of the first video, the duo will have another music video from the upcoming EP tentatively scheduled for a February 2018 release.

  Tim and G-Rome also have plans for an upcoming tour, but no official dates have been announced at this time. A release party for “MillionDollaDreams: Dreams2Reality” will be announced at the same time as the release date for the upcoming EP. Announcements regarding release dates and the upcoming tour can be found on Tim Million’s social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  “Our sound is definitely something unique,” said Tim. “We have a blend of conscience hip hop, pop, trap, & rock. We don't claim to belong to one category of rap music intentionally. One goal of mine is to grow my following and supporters, aka The "Millionaires." Ultimately, one of my biggest goals is to tour the country and perform my music in front of tens of thousands of people.”

   Next week’s friday spotlight will be Peoria EDM artist ENDERS. ENDERS is the man responsible for creating the logo for our co-op series with Audio Warrior Productions, Whiskey Point Sessions. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our most recent releases of Whiskey Point Sessions with OUTDrejas and Dre Wil over on our YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

 Tim Million raps with the Bay Area skyline behind him. photo taken by Taro Walthers.

 Tim Million in the middle of a verse. photo taken by Tyler Casey.

 Tim Million posing for a photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. photo taken by Taro Walthers.

 Tim points toward the heavens in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. photo taken by Tyler Casey.

 Tim Million smiling as he strolls the streets of San Francisco. photo taken by Taro Walthers.

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