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First Whiskey Point Sessions Announced

North by North and Chase Aways will be coming into the studio as we get ready to launch our newest video series. This video series is a continuation of ODMG's co-op that we began with Audio Warrior Productions.

The two bands will be joining us on two dates, with North by North slated to be in studio August 8th and Chase Aways set to record on August 12th. Both rock bands are set to perform three of their original songs that will be released across two videos apiece.

Whiskey Point Sessions is a new video series focused on bringing fans new music from bands that are apart of the Chicago music scene. The ODMG team and Anthony Beck, lead producer and CEO of Audio Warrior Productions, will be bringing in a new band with each video. Logan Square store Camp/Us has also agreed to sponsor the video series.

North by North is Chicago rock band with a unique upbeat twist to their music. The Chicago band currently has two albums released on their bandcamp site, The upcoming studio session will mark the first time ODMG has worked with North by North.

Chase Aways has worked with ODMG numerous times in the past. The DeKalb based trio is a regular on the Chicago scene at venues such as the House of Blues, Camp/Us, The Elbo Room, and Cobra Lounge, In addition to their upcoming Whiskey Point Session, the band is also currently working with ODMG on two music videos and an EPK video.

A release date for the videos will be announce shortly after the two sessions have been recorded. All videos will be release on our new YouTube channel with further announcements regarding Whiskey Point Sessions coming soon.

The Audio Warrior live room

(Above) The Audio Warrior live room where Whiskey Point Sessions will be recorded.

Audio Warrior Producer and CEO Anthony Beck workong in studio.

Nate Girard and Kendra Blank of North by North. (photo credit: North By North)

(From left) James Super, Brobi Wan Bronobi, and Ross Eugene of Chase Aways.

(photo credit: Kirby Hodge)

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