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Featured Artist Friday: Chasing Chimera

Featured Artist Friday is a new blog series that we are starting. Every Friday, we'll be writing an article about an underground artist from across the state of Illinois. The first band who agreed to be interviewed for this blog series is Chasing Chimera.

Chasing Chimera is a four-piece indie/pop-punk band hailing from the Chicago suburbs that came together in April of 2015. The four members of the band are Ryan Holsman, TJ La Mont, Chris Baer, and Brad Jensen.

"We've been tirelessly playing for the past few months," said Holsman, the band's bassist and lead vocalist. "We've played a show at least once a weekend all around Illinois and Wisconsin, and now it's time to take a break from live shows and focus on content."

The four-piece punk band released their first project in August of last year entitled "Hallways To Nowhere." The EP featured four original songs and can be downloaded from their bandcamp domain.

Currently, Chasing Chimera is in studio working on their next EP. The new project will be called "Late to Breakfast" and a release date will be announced later.

"We're in the final stages of the EP, and the only thing left to do is acquire music videos, lyric videos, and other marketing materials," said Holsman. "Those are actually being worked on right now. We're working as hard as we possibly can to make our dream come true, and I can almost taste it. We truly believe the amount of work, effort, time, and quality put in is directly proportionate to the splendors that come out once it's said and done."

ODMG and Chasing Chimera have worked together once in the past when the band performed at Camp/Out: Night II, hosted by Logan Square store Camp/Us. Footage from that event can be found in the promo for Camp/Out @ Camp/Us (Night 3) on our Facebook as well their music video for their song "pilot."

Make sure to follow Chasing Chimera on their Instagram and Facebook to stay update with all their newest updates. Next week we will be highlighting rap duo Anumi, consisting of Nick Thompson and Erik Sosa, out of Aurora, Illinois.

(From Top to Bottom) Drummer Brad Jensen, bassist/vocalist Ryan Holsman, guitarist Chris Baer, and guitarist/vocalist TJ La Mont of Chasing Chimera. (photo provided by Ryan Holsman)

Chasing Chimera - Pilots (Official Music Video)

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