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The Monday Morning Message (08/21/17)

Every Monday morning, we'll be bringing you news about the happenings here at Open Door Media Group. "The Monday Morning Message" will have updates about photo shoots, new co-ops, video shoots, and other productions that we are working on.

This week, we're excited to announce our new partnership with Chicago artist Nikki Gallup. Gallup and ODMG are teaming up for a speed painting video series. The painter will bringing in musicians from the Chicago underground to perform live while she speed paints a canvas masterpiece.

ODMG recently filmed Gallup's third speed painting session with Lever's bassist Brandon Erker performing on a synthesizer. This video production will be coming out later this week.

In addition to the new co-op with Nikki Gallup, we will also be releasing two other new videos this week. The first of those videos will be set to Chase Aways' song "Let 'Em Know" and will serve as a preview for Saturday's highly anticipated exhibition match between boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and UFC champ Conor McGregor. That video will come out this Thursday and will be available on our YouTube channel as well as our Facebook page.

The second new video that will be coming out this week is a recap from last Friday's event, Camp/Out at Camp/Us: Night IV. Camp/Out is a monthly event held in Logan Square showcasing talents from the Chicagoland area that features three bands, two comedians, and a pop-up art gallery.

This month, the event featured comedians Mike Stricker and Tim Brennan, an opening act for Jackass Live, and an art gallery featuring paintings by Ryan Wilmot. The three artists who performed where punk bands Torch the Hive, Rebuild & Rebound, and Guardrail.

The recap video will come shortly following the Mayweather-McGregor hype video and is tentatively scheduled for a Friday afternoon release. This video will also be released on both our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

We'll have even more new content coming soon, including an interview series for the Illinois Wrestling, Coaches, and Officials Associations' 2017 Hall of Fame inductees and an original ODMG production titled "It Starts With Us." Further announcements about these and other productions will come in the next Monday Morning Message.

Make sure to check our weekly Friday blog, "Featured Artist Friday." We kicked things off last week with the pop-punk band Chasing Chimera and will continue this Friday with Aurora hip-hop duo, Anumi. Future artists that will be highlighted in this series are Chicago bands Sad Jokes, The Smoking Revolvers, Roger This, and Peoria EDM artist PVPABEAR. Like our Facebook page and subscirbe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all things ODMG.

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