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Featured Artist Friday: Anumi

This week's featured artist is Aurora hip-hop duo, Anumi. Anumi consists 0f 24-year old Erik Sosa and 23-year old Nick Thompson and the pair came together two years ago in September.

Anumi's makes music that comes with a message that is deeper than just stringing together words that rhyme. The message behind their music is about the human condition and personal growth while also trying to teach their listeners how to reach progression within our society.

The pair have released their first project, "Growth & Awareness," in September of 2015 that is available to be downloaded on their bandcamp web page. Anumi has new projects in the work, including an EP that will be titled "May My Death Be "Lit"" and another untitled project that will both be released later on this year.

"The sound for the untitled project attempts to mesh together existential lyrics and concepts over the ethereal, jovial, and dance fusion instrumentation," said Thompson. "May My Death Be "Lit"" is a metaphor for a spiritual weariness due to a decline in values, morals, and ethics in youth from societal influences. The struggle for faith for cynical agnostic existing in a chaotic world with misery and despair."

Anumi is currently working on their website to create a domain where fans will be able to listen to their music, see upcoming shows and exclusive content, and have access to merchandise from the band. The website is scheduled to go live in September with the duo simultaneously releasing two new songs called "Free" and "Keiko" to commemorate the launch.

"Both projects are 180 in tone, sound, and concept," said Thompson. "That's the goal of Anumi and our art. Anumi is a play on "A New Me," meaning to be infinitely evolving and growing. Being multifaceted and colored in our aesthetic and work. The majority of the music is produced and engineered by Erik and I along with our other friend Marcus."

Anumi's next performance will come tomorrow, August 26th at the Alley Art Festival in Aurora. The festival is a mixture of more than 60 different artists, poets, and musicians and will run from noon until 5 p.m at the Water Street Mall.

Anumi will be featured in an upcoming ODMG production called "It Starts With Us." The duo recorded lines for the video and also helped seek out other artists who were willing to participate in the production.

Next week, we will be featuring the DeKalb emo-punk band, Sad Jokes. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of our newly released videos.

(From left) Erik Sosa and Nick Thompson mid-performance. photo by Chuck Bennorth

Erik Sosa posing nearing the Fox River in Aurora. photo by Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson of Anumi posing for a photo. photo by Chuck Bennorth.

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