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The Monday Morning Message (9/4/2017)

Every Monday morning, we'll be bringing you news about the happenings here at Open Door Media Group. "The Monday Morning Message" will have updates about photo shoots, new co-ops, video shoots, and other productions that we are working on.

This past weekend ODMG filmed and photographed a number of different bands. On Friday, the ODMG crew was at The Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville for a show that included familiar faces The Flips, Chase Aways, Oceans Over Airplanes, and Burly Gates. While there, we also had the chance to shoot two new bands, The Linden Method and The Major Minor.

A recap video for that event will be coming soon following the release of Nikki Gallup's speed painting and our upcoming project entitled "It Starts With Us." Photos from this event will also be released periodically on our Instagram page, with full photo galleries set to be released on our Facebook page throughout this week.

On Sunday, we filmed Chicago band Talk To You Never as they headlined at The Wire in Berwyn. The four piece band is a new client of ODMG's, but TTYN's new drummer is a longtime friend of ours. Austin Gorman, the band's new drummer, is also the main man behind the drums for Burly Gates and who also had ODMG film one of his past bands at The House of Blues last summer.

A video compilation of Gorman's skills on the drums is now in the works. A release date and further details for this project will announced in the near future.

Coming up, ODMG will be heading to Oswego High School this Friday to photograph the high school's football team. Oswego is the alma mater for producer Anthony Matozzi and Director of Business Strategy Josh Pelletier.

ODMG will also be at Camp/Us this Saturday to film and photograph a "Meet The Styles" event. This event will see many of Chicago's most prominent graffiti artist from around Chicago come together to show off their talents and give people an opportunity to meet some of their favorite street artists.

"Featured Artist Friday" will continue this Friday with Elgin rock band "The Smoking Revolvers." Make sure to follow both our Instagram and Facebook pages for more ODMG content and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of our newest video releases.

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