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The Monday Morning Message (10/02/17)

After a couple of weeks on hiatus, we’re back with a new Monday Morning Message. Every Monday, we’ll be bringing you news about the happenings here at Open Door Media Group. The Monday Morning Message will have updates about photo shoots, new co-ops, video shoots, and other productions that we are working.

September was a busy month for ODMG. First, we had an issue with our production computer, so two videos we planned to release at the beginning of September are set to be released later this week.

Nikki Gallup’s Paint and Jam will be released this Thursday, with ODMG’s “It Starts With Us” set to be released after a few more contributors have submitted their footage. We are deeply sorry to all of those who have been waiting for those productions and then never saw them released.

As for new things, video producer Anthony Matozzi filmed Widow’s Harvest 2017 on September 22nd and 23rd. Widow’s Harvest is a two day music festival hosted in Plano, IL that features 15 Blues Roots and Country artists from across the country.

A video compilation of the footage captured at this two day event will be released Thursday with additional photos and selected songs to be released afterwards. Some of the artists featured at the event were the Aaron Kelly Band, John Till, The People vs. Hugh DeNeal, Ye Ole Remedy, The Ditchrunners, and a load of other talented artists. A special thank you to Keith Kasyan for organizing the event and for inviting ODMG to come film.

Matozzi also began filming Chase Aways’ music video for their song “My Love Hate Relationship With My Hometown” alongside the band’s frontman, Brobi Wan Bronobi. That music video will continue filming across multiple weekends in October and November with a release date to be announced later.

ODMG and Audio Warrior began recording our newest video series called “Whiskey Point Sessions.” Last night, we were joined by Chicago band Abzu and Brandon James and his band. That video series begins this month, with the first set of videos are due to be released starting next Tuesday with the second sessions due to be released beginning October 24th. The first artist that we will be releasing will announced in next week’s Monday Morning Message.

Featured Artist Friday continues this Friday as we cover Chicago band Foreign Sunsets. In September we covered Sad Jokes, The Smoking Revolvers, The Off Days, and The Flips. If you haven’t read those already, be sure to head over to our BLOGS section and read all about those five talented groups of musicians.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of ODMG’s latest video releases and to turn on the notification bell when you’re there. We are now on LinkedIn so make sure follow our new page on LinkedIn page along with our Facebook and Instagram for even more ODMG content.

The logo for Whiskey Point Sessions, ODMG's co-op series with Audio Warrior Productions. Logo designed by Carl Kline.

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