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The Monday Morning Message: (10/09/17)

   Every Monday, we’ll be bringing you news about the happenings here at Open Door Media Group. The Monday Morning Message will have updates about photo shoots, new co-ops, video shoots, and other productions that we are working.

  Tomorrow we will be releasing the first video of our Whiskey Point Sessions. The first artist that will be featured on the series will be Chicago band Abzu. 

   The videos will be released on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9 am on our YouTube channel. Videos will also be released later on those days to be viewed on our Facebook page. Singer Brandon James will be the second artist featured on the series, with his videos due to be released on Tuesday, October 24th.

   Whiskey Point Sessions is a co-op project with Anthony Beck of Audio Warrior Productions. The co-op project is filmed at the Audio Warrior Studio where bands perform live and are recorded on the spot. Whiskey Point Sessions is free to all artists.

   Other new videos we have coming up are a recap video of Widows Harvest 2017 and our project entitled "It Starts With Us." The Widows Harvest recap is set to be released this coming weekend with a release date for "It Starts With Us" yet to be decided.

   Recently, Chaon Denlinger and Anthony Matozzi have been in the field taking photos for the OHS Football team. Photos from two of their games are set to be released throughout the week on our Facebook page.

   Featured Artist Friday continues this week with Joliet Rock band IDK. IDK and Matozzi did a photo shoot yesterday at Camp/Us and photos from that shoot will debut in Friday's article. Other shots from IDK's photo shoot will be periodically posted to our Instagram page and will also available next week on our Facebook page.

   As for the rest of October, other artists that will be featured in our weekly friday series will be soul singer Brandon James and Lincoln Park band Burly Gates. Brandon James will be covered next week, with Burly Gates being covered on October 27th.

  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of ODMG’s latest video releases and to turn on the notification bell when you’re there. We are now on LinkedIn so make sure follow our new page on LinkedIn page along with our Facebook and Instagram for even more ODMG content.

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