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Featured Artist Friday: Night Terrors

This week on our Friday Feature we’d like to look at Blue Island pop punk band Night Terrors. Night Terrors three members are lead vocalist and bassist Dave Gomez, lead guitarist and vocalist Reece Krider, and drummer Evan Lewis.

Gomez originally founded Night Terrors in 2014 with Krider and Gomez joining the band later. The trio began finding many similarities in music tastes and personality traits as the group played more shows together.

"The chemistry is like the three stooges who happen to be on the same page with everything from song structure to our foul sense humor," said Krider. "It was an immediate connection and fire between us since the first moment we started playing and writing songs together. Everyone's ideas are heard and considered and we're not afraid to push the limits of our genre. It's purely effortless and nonstop fun."

While the trio has recorded and performed songs written entirely by Gomez, they have also created songs that stem from ideas that Krider and Lewis have come up with. The band's chemistry allows for the three of them to effortlessly build off each other's ideas until a full song has been written.

The three members of Night Terrors draw their inspiration from some of their favorite pop punk groups to form the foundation of their music such as Blink 182, Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day. To expand their sound, the trio also draws influence from other artists across a wide spectrum of genres.

"If it doesn't "wow" us or give us chills, then we scrap the idea and come up with something else," said Krider. "I believe having outside interests, musical tastes, and projects is what helps us to write music that will stand out. Dave listens to everything from Lana Del Rey to Limp Biscuit. Evan goes all the way from current pop punk like All Time Low to old school skate punk like Strung Out. I go from August Burns Red to 311. It enables us to really tap in to different elements of rock n roll."

Night Terrors released their debut digital 45 last November, which included their songs "Melanie" and "Island (Wasting Away)" that also featured guest vocals from Alex Rogers. The trio recently released the music video to "Island (Wasting Way)" this past Sunday and the link to their music video can be found below.

Night Terrors next show will be Saturday, December 9th at Subterranean in Chicago. Other bands that will be performing at that show will be Chicago bands MAKEOUT, World War Me, and and Locals Only.

"We'd be just as happy playing a show at Centennial Lanes as we would playing a set at Warped Tour," said Krider. "But ultimately we're shooting for the stars! We're trying to bring the true rock n roll element to the scene and much like any band, we just want to connect with people while remaining true to ourselves. We're three goofy punk rockers who want to show the world what we love to do and take everyone along for the ride. "

Next week’s featured artist will be Chicago band Engine Summer. Engine Summer has an album coming out this Halloween that can purchased through the band or through their bandcamp website. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Whiskey Point Sessions with Brandon James over on our YouTube Channel and to follow our Facebook page and Instagram for more content.

Night Terror's music video for their song "Island (Wasting Away)," released this past Sunday.

(From left) Dave Gomez, Reece Krider, and Evan Lewis of Night Terrors. photo provided by Reece Krider.

Lead vocalist and bassist Dave Gomez during one of Night Terrors' performances. photo provided by Reece Krider.

Drummer Evan Lewis during one of the band's shows. photo provided by Reece Krider.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Reece Krider performing in a Tune Squad jersey during one of Night Terrors' shows. photo provided by Krider.

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