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Featured Artist Friday: EKiM

In this week’s Featured Artist Friday we take a look at Peoria EDM DJ Michael Berrios. Berrios goes by the stage name EKiM and currently is working with ThazDope Records.

“I try to get out of my comfort range a lot and expand with different sounds,” said EKiM. “Really the artist I'm into will influence me. Like right now I've been stepping away from the riddim and getting back to making trap beats and instrumentals.”

Since he first discovered music, EKiM has strived to make the best music he possibly can. EKiM’s music typically features very low end bass sounds with a mixture of other layers of sounds to create a unique rhythmic sound.

Music has impacted EKiM for most of his life. Initially, producing music in his spare time and with his friends served as an outlet to help in his struggle with depression.

“When I was in high school is around the time that I got real serious with production and creating my own sound,” said EKiM. “I found a love for making trap and dubstep more than instrumentals so I stuck with that. I just start with something simple and I try not to overthink it. Sometimes I’ll get a writer’s block and don't like how something sounds, so I’ll just come back to the song later on.”

EKiM’s music can primarily be found on his Soundcloud, which can be found by following the embedded playist above. The EDM DJ is currently working on an upcoming EP that will be released through ThazDope Records.

“I like the real gritty dirty sounds and the low end bass lines,” said EKiM. “I strive to make everything I produce to be something that will give you goosebumps and take your breath away. I would consider my music to be under the umbrella of Dubstep and Trap music.”

The producer is not only active as a recording artist, but also helps to provide a platform for the plethora EDM talent from around the Peoria area. By working with the Rail II, EKiM has helped to put together high quality events that have brought in big artists such as Boogie T, Shlump, Filibusta, and TrypZ.

EKiM’s next show will be Saturday, November 18th at the Rail II in Peoria. Bommer and Crowell will be the feature artists of the set list with EKiM and PVPABEAR going back to back as direct support.

Following that performance, EKiM will be performing on November 22nd for Rail II’s Black Wednesday. He will then be performing that same weekend on November 24th at Rail II on a set list that will also feature Allryze, 20Twenty, Perry, and PVPABEAR.

EKiM is also collaborating with PVPABEAR and owner of ThazDope Records, Kevin Moore, to organize the "ThazDope Takeover" at Rail II on December 19th. DJ’s that will be performing are Moniker, JuJu Beats, and Psydell with support from Spinion and Kabass.

“My goals are to get my music out to the world,” said EKiM. “EDM is a huge part of my life. It takes away from all the problems in my everyday life; it’s an escape. I would also like to release my music through a major label and get with a management company to show the world my work.”

Next week’s friday spotlight will be Peoria EDM artist PVPABEAR. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Whiskey Point Sessions with Brandon James over on our YouTube Channel and to follow our Facebook page and Instagram for more content.

EKiM performing a set at Rail II. photo taken by Anthony Matozzi.

EKiM performing at event this past summer. photo taken by JKR photography.

EKiM focuses while throwing down. photo taken by Smallen Photography.

EKiM dances along with one of his songs while surrounded by smoke. photo taken by Anthony Matozzi.

A crowd at Rail II watching EKiM's performance. photo taken by Polar Opposite Images.

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