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Burly Gates hops in at Camp/Us for a live shoot

In April, we launched a series of videos hosted by The Camp/us to introduce our new partnership with Audio Warrior Productions. The first artist we brought in were guitarists Josh Pelletier and Lucas Lopresti of the new Chicago band, Burly Gates.

The pair performed a cover of Arctic Monkeys' song "I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor." Burley Gates is the first of three artists that are set to appear in the Camp/Us series.

Camp/Us is a local store on the Northern side of Chicago dedicated to promoting the arts in Chicago. In addition to our series, Camp/Us plays host to a number of other events ranging from spray painting to music. These events include the upcoming Sergiopalooza V and Camp/Out, an event that Video Producer Anthony Matozzi regularly films.

Make sure to subscribe to Matozzi's YouTube channel, Tozer the Mediocre, for the full Camp/Us series!


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